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For Lessons Beyond the Classroom

Learning is always more effective when kids are enjoying themselves, and KidZania is packed wall-to-wall with excitement. Role-play activities teach your students about careers, money management and life outside of school in a way that perfectly complements your curriculum.

KidZania is a bridge between schools and the outside world, providing a space where children can put theory into practice in a realistic and safe environment. KidZania Singapore offers students an opportunity to explore the wider world independently through experiential learning. In KidZania, students participate in an immersive experience of taking on adult roles and careers.

Experiential Learning at KidZania

Real-world Experience

KidZania is a child-sized replica of a interactive city, where kids learn how a real city works, experience different professions through role-play activities, and understand financial literacy.

Skills & Expertise

The different role-play activities throughout KidZania exposes students to a variety of professions, learning about different industries, the world of work and model citizenship.

Critical Development

Like professions of the real world, the KidZania experience requires soft skills and character to excel - communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, motor skills and self-awareness.

Prepare your School Field Trip

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Food Arrangements

Should you require food arrangements, you may pre-order lunch online when buying your tickets. Lunch is served at 12pm unless otherwise requested.

Register Your Selfies

To ensure a smooth, seamless entry, KidZania Singapore uses facial recognition for check-ins. Your ticket email contains a registration link, please upload all students' and teachers' selfies before your arrival at KidZania.

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